Shawn White

Evidence for the Resurrection

Sat Apr 20: 7-9PM Stonybrook 20 Theater Party Room - 7PM Lecture, 8PM Q & A

Sun Apr 21: 10AM - Morning Service with Shawn

Shawn is interested in defending the resurrection because on that topic all of Christianity rises or falls. He believes there is good historical evidence to support the resurrection, and that the best explanation of those facts is that God rose Jesus from the dead.

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Shawn White grew up in a Christian home, but was never challenged to ask himself if what he believed was really true. That changed in his early thirties when a couple of life events happened that caused him to step back and take a hard look at what he believed. This journey of self-reflection about his beliefs, which he once had just taken for granted, led him to the area of Christian apologetics. After discovering that there are good reasons for the beliefs he held, he became focused on sharing those reasons with others. Since becoming passionate about apologetics, Shawn has earned a BA in Religious Studies from Southern Evangelical Bible College in Charlotte, NC. He is currently enrolled in the MA program in Christian Apologetics at Biola University located in La Mirada, CA.

In 2012, Shawn founded Smart Faith in Phoenix, AZ, an apologetic ministry focused on “training believers to be confident, courageous, and culturally aware.” Each year Smart Faith puts on a major conference during which leading apologists from across the country come to Phoenix to present in the areas of science, history, philosophy, the arts, and how those relate to the Christian faith.